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NamesBlind Eagle (Qihoo 360)
APT-C-36 (Qihoo 360)
CountryColombia Colombia
MotivationInformation theft and espionage
First seen2018
Description(Qihoo 360) Since April 2018, an APT group (Blind Eagle, APT-C-36) suspected coming from South America carried out continuous targeted attacks against Colombian government institutions as well as important corporations in financial sector, petroleum industry, professional manufacturing, etc.

Till this moment, 360 Threat Intelligence Center captured 29 bait documents, 62 Trojan samples and multiple related malicious domains in total. Attackers are targeting Windows platform and aiming at government institutions as well as big companies in Colombia.
ObservedSectors: Energy, Financial, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing and large domestic companies and multinational corporation branches.
Countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Spain.
Tools usedAsyncRAT, BitRAT, Imminent Monitor RAT, njRAT, LimeRAT, RemcosRAT, Warzone RAT.
Operations performedSep 2021APT-C-36 Updates Its Spam Campaign Against South American Entities With Commodity RATs
2022BlindEagle Targeting Ecuador With Sharpened Tools
Feb 2023Blind Eagle Deploys Fake UUE Files and Fsociety to Target Colombia's Judiciary, Financial, Public, and Law Enforcement Entities
Jul 2023Blind Eagle's North American Journey

Last change to this card: 22 April 2024

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