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Threat Group Cards: A Threat Actor Encyclopedia

All groups with motivation Financial crime


APT groups

XAPT 41China2012-Aug 2021X
 Buhtrap, Ratopak SpiderRussia2015-Jun 2019 
 Carbanak, AnunakUkraine2013-Nov 2021X
 Cobalt GroupRussia2016-Oct 2019X
 Corkow, MetelRussia2011 
 Elephant Beetle[Unknown]2020 
 EmpireMonkey, CobaltGoblin[Unknown]2018-Mar 2021X
 FIN4, Wolf SpiderRomania2013 
 FIN6, Skeleton Spider[Unknown]2015-Oct 2021X
 FIN7Russia2013-Jan 2022X
XFIN8[Unknown]2016-Jul 2021 
XFIN11[Unknown]2016-Aug 2022 HOTX
 HadesRussia2017-Oct 2020X
XIndrik SpiderRussia2007-Dec 2021X
XLazarus Group, Hidden Cobra, Labyrinth ChollimaNorth Korea2007-Aug 2022 HOTX
     ↳ Subgroup: BeagleBoyzNorth Korea2014-Feb 2016 
     ↳ Subgroup: Bluenoroff, APT 38, Stardust ChollimaNorth Korea2014-Nov 2021 
 LurkRussia2011-Jun 2016X
 Mallard Spider[Unknown]2008-Dec 2020 
 OldGremlinRussia2020-Feb 2021 
 Operation Black Atlas[Unknown]2015 
 Operation Comando[Unknown]2018 
 Silence, Contract Crew[Unknown]2016-Jan 2020 
 Sprite Spider, Gold Dupont[Unknown]2015-Mar 2022 
 TA2101, Maze Team[Unknown]2019-Feb 2022X
XTA505, Graceful Spider, Gold EvergreenRussia2006-Oct 2021X
 TA530[Unknown]2016-Nov 2016 
 Tiny Spider[Unknown]2015-2017 
 Turbine Panda, APT 26, Shell Crew, WebMasters, KungFu KittensChina2010-Oct 2018X
 UltraRank[Unknown]2015-Nov 2020 
 Wicked Spider, APT 22China2018 
 Wizard Spider, Gold BlackburnRussia2014-Jun 2022 HOTX

Other groups

 Achilles[Unknown]2018-Oct 2018 
 Bamboo Spider, TA544[Unknown]2016-Apr 2022X
 Boson Spider[Unknown]2015-Nov 2017 
 CronRussia2015-Dec 2017X
 Infraud Organization[Various]2010-Jul 2020X
 Lunar SpiderRussia2019 
 Mummy Spider, TA542[Unknown]2014-Jun 2022 HOTX
 Retefe Gang, Operation EmmentalRussia2013 
 Roaming Mantis[Unknown]2017-Jul 2022 HOT 
 Scully Spider, TA547[Unknown]2017-Sep 2019 
 Shark SpiderRussia2011-Jul 2014X
 TA511[Unknown]2018-Oct 2020 
 TA516[Unknown]2016-Feb 2020 
 Yanbian GangChina2013-Dec 2020 

56 groups listed (41 APT, 15 other, 0 unknown)

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