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NamesAPT 16 (Mandiant)
SVCMONDR (Kaspersky)
CountryChina China
MotivationInformation theft and espionage
First seen2015
Description(FireEye) Between November 26, 2015, and December 1, 2015, known and suspected China-based APT groups launched several spear-phishing attacks targeting Japanese and Taiwanese organizations in the high-tech, government services, media and financial services industries. Each campaign delivered a malicious Microsoft Word document exploiting the aforementioned EPS dict copy use-after-free vulnerability, and the local Windows privilege escalation vulnerability CVE-2015-1701. The successful exploitation of both vulnerabilities led to the delivery of either a downloader that we refer to as IRONHALO, or a backdoor that we refer to as ELMER.
ObservedSectors: Financial, Government, High-Tech, Media.
Countries: Japan, Taiwan, Thailand.

Last change to this card: 22 April 2020

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