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NamesWild Neutron (Kaspersky)
Butterfly (Symantec)
Morpho (Symantec)
Sphinx Moth (Kudeslski)
The Postal Group (CERT Polska)
MotivationInformation theft and espionage
First seen2013
Description(Symantec) A corporate espionage group has compromised a string of major corporations over the past three years in order to steal confidential information and intellectual property. The gang, which Symantec calls Butterfly, is not-state sponsored, rather financially motivated. It has attacked multi-billion dollar companies operating in the internet, IT software, pharmaceutical, and commodities sectors. Twitter, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft are among the companies who have publicly acknowledged attacks.

Butterfly is technically proficient and well resourced. The group has developed a suite of custom malware tools capable of attacking both Windows and Apple computers, and appears to have used at least one zero-day vulnerability in its attacks. It keeps a low profile and maintains good operational security. After successfully compromising a target organization, it cleans up after itself before moving on to its next target.

This group operates at a much higher level than the average cybercrime gang. It is not interested in stealing credit card details or customer databases and is instead focused on high-level corporate information. Butterfly may be selling this information to the highest bidder or may be operating as hackers for hire. Stolen information could also be used for insider-trading purposes.
ObservedSectors: Financial, Healthcare, IT and Bitcoin-related companies, Investment companies, Real estate, lawyers and individual users.
Countries: Algeria, Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Palestine, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, UAE, UK, USA.
Tools usedHesperBot, JripBot and many 0-days vulnerabilities.
Operations performedJan 2013Attack on Twitter
Feb 2013Attack on Facebook
Feb 2013Attack on Apple
Feb 2013Attack on Microsoft

Last change to this card: 14 April 2020

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