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NamesCyber Caliphate Army (CCA) (self given)
United Cyber Caliphate (UCC) (self given)
Islamic State Hacking Division (self given)
ATK 133 (Thales)
TAG-CT6 (Recorded Future)
MotivationSabotage and destruction
First seen2014
Description(Wikipedia) Islamic State Hacking Division or United Cyber Caliphate refers to any number of group self-identifying as the digital army for Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. The cyber security group had pledged allegiance to Jeremy An and his objectives in late 2014. Their recent claims and hacks have led FBI director James Comey to state that his agency does not yet have the capabilities to limit ISIL attempts to recruit Americans through social media. Russian military hackers have been identified as using the CyberCaliphate nomer to cover several hacking attacks, notably on TV5Monde and the Twitter of US CENTCOM.

A list of names and details said to be of American military personnel was released by unknown parties who said they were part of the ISHD, but doubts were raised on the source and nature of the data.
ObservedSectors: Defense, Government.
Countries: Australia, Canada, UK, USA.
Tools used
Operations performedFeb 2015U.S. military wives’ death threats
Five military wives received death threats from a hacker group calling itself “CyberCaliphate”, claiming to be an Islamic State affiliate, on February 10, 2015. This was later discovered to have been a false flag attack by Sofacy, APT 28, Fancy Bear, Sednit, when the victims’ email addresses were found to have been in the Fancy Bear phishing target list.
Apr 2015Tasmania's Hobart International Airport website has been shut down after it was hacked and defaced with a statement supporting the radical Islamist group
Apr 2015Compromise of TV5Monde in France
“A group calling itself the Cyber Caliphate, linked to so-called Islamic State, first claimed responsibility. But an investigation now suggests the attack was in fact carried out by a group of Russian hackers. (Sofacy, APT 28, Fancy Bear, Sednit, ed.)”
Jun 2015ISIS 'kill list' includes names of 151 Canadians
Aug 2015Isis 'hacking division' releases details of 1,400 Americans and urges attacks
Sep 2015ISIS hackers intercept top secret British Government emails in major security breach uncovered by GCHQ
Apr 2017ISIS-linked Cyber Group Releases 'Kill List' of 8,786 US Targets For Lone Wolf Attacks

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