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Threat Group Cards: A Threat Actor Encyclopedia

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 888 RAT
 Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner
 Advanced Port Scanner
 Adzok, Invisible Remote Administrator
 ARL, Asset Reconnaissance Lighthouse
 Bandook, Bandok
 BlackRAT, BlackRemote
 Bozok, Bozok RAT
 Cain & Abel
XCobalt Strike, BEACON
 CyberGate RAT, Rebhip
 DarkComet, DarkKomet, Fynloski, FYNLOS, klovbot, Krademok
 DbxDump Utility
 EmpireProject, Empire, EmPyre, PowerShell Empire
 FRP, Fast Reverse Proxy
 Gh0st RAT, Ghost RAT, AngryRebel, Farfli, PCRat, Moudour, Mydoor
 Ghole, Gholee, Core Impact (modified)
 GO Simple Tunnel, GOST
 gpresult, Group Policy Results Tool
 HTran, HUC Packet Transmit Tool
 IE PassView
 Imminent Monitor RAT, Imminent Monitor
 Invoke the Hash
 jsp File browser
 Lilith RAT, Lilith
 Living off the Land, LOLBins, LOLBAS
 Metasploit Stager
 Microolap Packet Sniffer, TCPDUMP for Windows
 MOVEit Freely
 NetSupport Manager, NetSupport Manager RAT, NetSupport
 Network Password Recovery
 Non-sucking Service Manager, NSSM
 NSIS, Nullsoft Scriptable Install System
 Pass-The-Hash Toolkit
 Plink, PuTTY Link
 Protected Storage PassView
 PupyRAT, Pupy
 PVE Find AD Users
 Quarks PwDump
 QuasarRAT, Quasar RAT, CinaRAT, Yggdrasil, xRAT
 RDP, Remote Desktop Protocol
 Remcom, RemoteCommandExecution
 RemcosRAT, Remcos
 Remote Desktop PassView
 RMS, Remote Manipulator System
 Secure FTP Client
 Secure Socket Funneling, SSF
 SoftEther VPN
 SoftPerfect Network Scanner
 THC Hydra
 TinyMet, TiniMet
 Tiny SHell, tsh
 Unknown Logger
 VNC, Virtual Network Computing
 Windows Credentials Editor, WCE
 WSO, Webshell by Orb
 XtremeRAT, ExtRat
 ZeGhost, BackDoor-FBZT!52D84425CDF2, Trojan.Win32.Staser.ytq, Win32/Zegost.BW

198 tools listed

Last database change: 19 November 2022

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