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DescriptionNbtscan is a program for scanning IP networks for NetBIOS name information. It sends Net‐BIOS status query to each address in supplied range and lists received information in human readable form. For each responded host it lists IP address, NetBIOS computer name, logged-in user name and MAC address (such as Ethernet).

Last change to this tool card: 20 April 2020

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All groups using tool nbtscan


APT groups

 CalypsoChina2016-Aug 2021 
 Chafer, APT 39Iran2014-Sep 2020X
 Earth LuscaChina2019 
 GalliumChina2018-Jun 2022 
 Goblin Panda, Cycldek, ConimesChina2013-Jun 2020 
XMustang Panda, Bronze PresidentChina2014-Jun 2022 
 Naikon, Lotus PandaChina2010-Apr 2022 
 Operation HarvestChina2016 
XStone Panda, APT 10, menuPassChina2006-Feb 2022X
 TaskMastersChina2010-May 2021 
 Turla, Waterbug, Venomous BearRussia1996-May 2022 

16 groups listed (16 APT, 0 other, 0 unknown)

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