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Threat Group Cards: A Threat Actor Encyclopedia

All groups targeting Azerbaijan


APT groups

XAPT 29, Cozy Bear, The DukesRussia2008-Aug 2022 HOTX
 Berserk Bear, Dragonfly 2.0Russia2015-May 2017 
 Cobalt GroupRussia2016-Oct 2019X
 ConfuciusIndia2013-Aug 2021 
 Inception Framework, Cloud AtlasRussia2012-2019 
 Infy, Prince of PersiaIran2007-Feb 2017X
 MuddyWater, Seedworm, TEMP.Zagros, Static KittenIran2017-Nov 2021X
 OilRig, APT 34, Helix Kitten, ChryseneIran2014-May 2022X
 Operation Ghoul[Unknown]2016 
 Sandworm Team, Iron Viking, Voodoo BearRussia2009-Jun 2022 HOTX
 Shadow NetworkChina2010-2010X
 Silence, Contract Crew[Unknown]2016-Jan 2020 
 Sofacy, APT 28, Fancy Bear, SednitRussia2004-Jun 2022 HOTX
 Transparent Tribe, APT 36Pakistan2013-Dec 2021 
 Turla, Waterbug, Venomous BearRussia1996-May 2022 
 [Unnamed group Iran]Iran2019-May 2019X

Other groups

 Roaming Mantis[Unknown]2017-Jul 2022 HOT 

17 groups listed (16 APT, 1 other, 0 unknown)

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