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NamesOperation Earth Kitsune (Trend Micro)
CountryNorth Korea North Korea
MotivationInformation theft and espionage
First seen2019
Description(Trend Micro) We previously wrote about the SLUB malware in 2019, noting that it abused (among others) Slack and GitHub as part of its routine. Its previous campaigns used watering hole tactics as an infection vector, using websites that discussed topics related to North Korea. Our continuous monitoring of this threat campaign shows that the threat actor behind SLUB didn’t stop their attacks even during the pandemic. In 2020, we found multiple instances of their attacks in March, May, and September, delivering a new variant of the malware — this time incorporating new techniques and capabilities.
In addition, we found two unknown malware variants delivered along with SLUB during the latest attack at the end of September. Besides the CVEs already mentioned in the previous SLUB blog, we also found new exploits for the vulnerabilities CVE-2016-0189, CVE-2019-1458, CVE-2020-0674, and CVE-2019-5782, chained with another Chrome bug that does not have an associated CVE.
The campaign is very diversified, deploying numerous samples to the victim machines and using multiple command-and-control (C&C) servers during this operation. In total, we found the campaign using five C&C servers, seven samples, and exploits for four N-day bugs. The scale of the attack and the samples’ custom design suggest that there is a group behind this operation. We dubbed the campaign as Operation Earth Kitsune.
ObservedCountries: Worldwide except South Korea.
Tools usedagfSpy, dneSpy, SLUB, WhiskerSpy.
Operations performedLate 2022Earth Kitsune Delivers New WhiskerSpy Backdoor via Watering Hole Attack

Last change to this card: 25 April 2023

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