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TypeBackdoor, Loader
Description(BlackBerry) PyXie has been deployed in an ongoing campaign that targets a wide range of industries. It has been seen in conjunction with Cobalt Strike beacons as well as a downloader that has similarities to the Shifu banking Trojan. Analysts have observed evidence of the threat actors attempting to deliver ransomware to the healthcare and education industries with PyXie.

Key highlights of the PyXie campaign include:
• Legitimate LogMeIn and Google binaries used to sideload payloads.
• A Trojanized Tetris app to load and execute Cobalt Strike stagers from internal network shares.
• Use of a downloader with similarities to Shifu named 'Cobalt Mode'.
• Use of SharpHound to collect active directory information from victims.
• A custom compiled Python interpreter that uses scrambled opcodes to hinder analysis.
• Use of a modified RC4 algorithm to encrypt payloads with a unique key per infected host.

Last change to this tool card: 24 April 2021

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 Sprite Spider, Gold Dupont[Unknown]2015-Mar 2022 

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